Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St Patricks Day Pornstars!!!

St Patricks Day Serenity

I'm English, but i have been to an Irish Bar or two. So i'd like to wish everyone a fun St Patricks Day, Pornstars style.

I'm sure we can all celebrate in style today. Just buy a pack of Guinness, a bottle of Irish whiskey, change your water settings to green in Firestorm, and we're good to go!

If i see more St Patricks Pornstars or Sexiest Group photo's uploaded i hope to add a second gallery, and keep this theme going all day.  So if you'd like to be on the blog today get your images uploaded to The Sexiest® Group!

In the mean time, i hope you enjoy my pics, along with Envy Watts, Colleen Criss, and Suff Lockjaw.

Feeling Lucky

Happy St Pat's !

St Patricks Day Serenity 3

More after the jump!!!

St Patricks Day Serenity 4

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  1. St Patricks Day never has looked better :-)
    Have a great day...